Koppie-Au Charity Project

Koppie-Au promotional video

Tamara tumbov rig02
Tamara tumbov rig01

I used a setup similar to an IK/FK switch to make the wings fold in & out. I also wrote my own python script to make this process easier.

Original Storyboard

Tamara tumbov koppie au render 258
Tamara tumbov koppie au render 663
Tamara tumbov koppie au render 945

Koppie-Au Charity Project

I took on this charity project during part of the school year and the summer of 2017, which I worked on together with a classmate: Jeroen de Haas.
Jeroen worked on the character model and the environment, while I did the character rig and animation. The goal was to create an animated short showing the work that the organisation is doing and to make people aware of it.
The organisation specialises in research towards brain tumours in children. http://www.koppie-au.nl/

English subtitles currently unavailable - sorry!

Character model / environment / textures: Jeroen de Haas
​Storyboard / rig / animation / rendering: Tamara Tumbov